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Omega Replica Watches

Fans of both watches and movies consider "The Omega Replica Watches", a Hamilton timepiece, to be one of the most creative uses of a wristwatch in film history. The Hamilton watch featured in Interstellar and played a key role in the plot. The Hamilton watch Cooper, the protagonist, gives his daughter Omega Replica Watches is crucial in saving humanity.

Hamilton fans have been demanding a commercial version "The Omega Replica Watches" ever since Hamilton's movie was released. And now, it has arrived.

Hamilton introduces the Khaki field Omega Replica Watches to celebrate its Year of Cinema. It is a 42mm stainless-steel timepiece with black dial and beige Super-LumiNova hands. The watch has an H-10 automatic movement,Omega Replica Watches with 80-hours of power reserve, on a leather strap in black. The Khaki Field Omega Replica Watches, in fact, is an exact replica of the movie timepiece, but without the ability for it to communicate using Morse code.

The word "Eureka", which Omega Replica Watches uses to yell when she realizes the message that her father sent using Morse Code and the seconds hand of the watch, is written in lacquer and Morse on the seconds dial. It is so small that you wouldn't even notice it if you didn't look for it.

Hamilton, in collaboration with Nathan Crowley (the film's production designer), developed a box that was inspired by the "tesseract", a famous image from the movie.Rolex Daytona Replica Watches Khaki Field Omega Replica Watches is not limited but its packaging is. Only 2,555 were produced. The color stripes remind us of the interior of the supercube, where Cooper was when he discovered he could communicate with Omega Replica Watches.

The Khaki Field Omega Replica Watchesy is a piece of filmmaking history that fans of Hamilton and Interstellar can now own.